10/04/11 - Koreanische Adverbien für Fortgeschrittene

Hier eine Sammlung von koreanischen Adverbien, die oftmals im TOPIK 급 (Level 5 und 6) erscheinen. Ebenso gibt es eine Liste für die unterste Stufe (초급) und für die mittlere Stufe (급)

가까스로 (barely, narrowly); 간신히 (barely, narrowly); 간혹 (sometimes, occasionally); 고작 (only, just, barely, no more than); 꼼짝없이 (helplessly, without solution); 구태여 (intentionally, on purpose, especially); 기껏 (at the most, at best)
널리 (widely, extensively, far and wide, generally)
다소 (somewhat, a little, a bit); 도무지 (not at all, never); 도통 (not at all, not the slightest bit)
마냥 (forever); 맘껏 (=마음껏: as much as one likes); 못내 (never rest/stop, restlessly continuing); 모조리 (all, altogether, completely); 미처 (up until that time, not so far as, not even so much as)
바야흐로 (at the height, in full swing, about to, on the point of); 벌떡 (abruptly, fast, suddenly); 부쩍 (more, remarkable more)
섣불리 (rashly, hastily); 설마 (no way); 손수 (personally, by hand); 수북이 (in a heap, fully); 슬그머니 (stealthily, furtively, surreptitiously)
아예 (at all, never, from the very first, from the very beginning); 양껏 (as much as one can, to one’s heart’s content); 얼핏 (at a momentary glance, intermittently); 여간 (very, not a little, to no small extent, extremely, terribly); 워낙 (so, very, by nature); 이내 (within, in less than, soon, shortly); 일부러 (deliberately, intentionally, on purpose); 애써 (with effort, laboriously, diligently, hard)
장차 (in the future); 자칫 (at the slightest slip, with the slightest)
차마 (bear, most pitiful)
(really, completely, totally)
한껏 (to the extreme, the fullest); 한창 (the height, summit, the top); 한층 (much/a lot/far/still more, much); 하필 (of all things); 힘껏 (with all one’s strength); 행여 (possibly, by some chance, by any chance)

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